'Athena' Coffee 8,7"

The 'Athena' 8,7" coffee grinder is characterized by its beautifully curvy lines. 'Athena' has a hundred percent metal mechanism with 48mm in diameter, with a 3DCut system designed to really grind the coffee beans and not just smash them, maximizing its flavor and aroma. The adjustable mechanism lets you choose between fine and coarse grinding, and the coffee are grinder into the attached receiving cup. 'Athena' provides plenty of room for you to fill it with your favorite kind of coffee. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard, which gives it a nice "sustainable" look. The Alexander Mills are tried and tested products that have been into market since 1977 and they meet high standards of quality and functionality. Feel free to leave a message if you have any questions to the grinder - we usually reply within a few hours 😊

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